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Start Your Own Chick Chapter!

What is Chicks Connect?
Chicks Connect is more than a membership… It is a movement! A movement dedicated to inspiring women to grow personally and professionally by connecting, supporting and encouraging one another. Although you can become a member and enjoy all of the benefits from the comfort of your own home, the real value begins when you join and existing group or start a Chicks Connect Chapter of your own. Inspiration, Accountability, Love, Fun and Support are a few of the amazing benefits of coming together and forming these Mastermind groups in your hometown.

Inspiration + Education + Accountability = Growth
The stories of overcoming adversity, learning from the experience and taking action to make positive changes in your life and the lives of others, are the building blocks to success in all areas of your life. When coming together with other women, you will find that you are not alone in your challenges; personally and professionally and you will learn from the lessons already lived. What we all want is success. Success in our relationships, wellness, business, fun, family and love of self.

Get Involved!
As a member of Chicks Connect you will receive 52 weeks of basic work/life balance exercises. You will have the opportunity to join a Mastermind group in your area or start one of your own. You will have access to the monthly webinars and tele-seminars for FREE. You will receive products and services at a reduced rate... But more importantly, you will be forming connections and relationships all based on love and support to assist in your personal and professional growth.

What To Do, And How To Do It...

  • Determine the date, time and place you will hold your informational meeting.
  • Invite Chicks by sending email, e-vite, phone calls, fliers, Facebook.
    • You can use the intro text above and list out some of the benefits to chicks from the Benefits to Chicks document
  • The day of the meeting, have your packets ready with the following documents:
    • Benefits to Chicks
    • What People Are Saying
    • Membership Application – Mention the $27 monthly subscription
    • Your Business Card!
  • Welcome everyone and have them introduce themselves with name and business name pass business cards. Short and simple. (not a commercial)
  • Share with a partner something you would like to be held accountable for personally. Examples: Exercise, Reading, Social Time, Relationship, Friendships, More Self Time, Budget. 1 minute each.
  • Facilitator - Introduction: What Is Chicks Connect?
    • Benefits to Chicks (part of packet)
    • Chicks Creed (facilitator only until become a member)
    • Definition of Terms (facilitator only until become a member)
    • Monthly Themes (facilitator only until become a member)
    • Go over Weekly Agenda (facilitator only until become a member)
    • What People Are Saying (part of packet)
    • Pass out Membership Form (part of packet)
    • Featured Chick Sign Up just one copy for Chick with a Bic. (once they become a member, they get to be the 10 minute featured chick!)
    • Chick Growth and Development Activity (CG&DA) Weekly (facilitator only until they become a member.)
    • Teleseminars and Webinars are Free with Membership.
    • Discounts on additional products, services, seminars, and Retreats as our joint venture partnerships expand.
    • Fun Social Activities locally, regionally, nationally, worldwide as we grow.
    • Amazing friendships!
    • People do business with people they know, like and trust. Start connecting today, take action and watch your business grow!
    • How do I get involved? Fill out the Membership Form and turn it in to the host Chick or go to and join now
    • What if I want to Chair a group? Put that on your membership application and Chicks Connect will contact you to get a group going! There is no additional charge to chair your own group.
  • Email Chicks Connect with any questions or additional comments at!

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