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Spring Chicks Give Back - Eugene Mission

outdooreatingChicks Give Back - Eugene Mission

What is the Eugene Mission?

The Spring Chicks have been supporting the Eugene Mission’s Women and Children Center. The Mission’s goal is to provide a safe place for these women and children to live while also providing food and basic necessities like clothes and toiletries. They also help these women get back on their feet and regain the ability to support themselves. Once they have jobs and are able to get their own apartments, the Mission allows them to “shop” for all their back home needs in the warehouse of donated items. Each child who leaves the mission also receives a handmade quilt which was made and donated by a community member.

Charity Chick Suzanne Cavanagh’s husband has served on the Executive Board for the mission for over 30 years. She has witnessed first hand the amazing work they do in supporting women and children in the community who struggling with homelessness.

Providing Safety in a Community

Suzanne recounts a time when she visited the mission and saw a new mother bringing in her brand new baby. She remembers feeling saddened that this woman didn’t have a special nursery that she had carefully put together in preparation for her baby. When she saw how excited the mother was and how caring the staff was, she realized that this woman was just happy and grateful to have a safe place to bring her baby. She didn’t have to live on the streets or endure an abusive situation. It was just another reminder of the great work that the mission does.

How Can I Help?

eugene MissionJust this last June, The Mission lost its kitchen to a fire. They continue to prepare and provide food outside for 700 people while the facilities are being rebuilt. Chicks can help the Mission by donating clothing, toiletries and food. The Spring Chicks take a donation at their first meeting of the month; they meet on Tuesdays at 12:30 PM in Eugene. Then Suzanne delivers the donations to the mission. Monetary contributions are also accepted on the Mission’s website:


According the Mission’s official Facebook page, they are desperately in need of blankets. When the mission’s beds are full and they have to turn away folks they always try to send them off with a blanket. It gets cold sleeping outside at night. They are almost completely out of blankets. So check your closets and find those gently used blankets that you can part with!

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