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Spotlight Chick Anna Heflin

Spotlight Chick Anna Heflin

Anna Heflin 44, married 26 years, 3 kids Oregon Grown and love the country girl side of me. Self employed at My Business Center I work from my virtual office.

I have always been self employed. I have seen so many women struggle. So I wanted to find a way to enjoy my life & kids, work while doing outreach and help others as a lifestyle.

I have relocated to Portland, Oregon to help a friend through a Bone Marrow transplant. I took on the roll of her care after she leaves the hospital. She must be 30 min from OHSU for 3-6 months after the transplant. There was no funding or care team set up. She was not going to get the transplant.

So I told my husband she is a single mom I can work my business virtually so I have to ask my friends to open their home and I have to go. So Here I am and here we go.

In the meantime my mom found out she has stage 4 cancer and it is spreading. Yesterday I had to leave my mom and come here to help my friend. It was hard to make that step.

I have grown so much. So many times I have wanted to give up or walk away form life and things. NOPE always reach out to a Chick, it works. The support here is priceless. I have gained a Tribe of amazing people in my life.

I have been so blessed in so many ways here with Chicks Connect. I have amazing networking contacts, awesome tools for business and personal growth and the exposure we get is awesome.

Always reach out and never quit.

Always be you and never waste a moment.

Anna Heflin



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