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Guest Blogger - Debbie Fong Kho - Tweens and Teens worst four letter word.... ACNE!

Tweens and Teens worst four letter word...ACNE!

Do we have parents of tweens and teens just starting to develop acne?

My youngest teen client was 13 with "minor" acne, mom took her 13 year old to the doctor. The doctor put her on birth control, antibiotics and topical cream for an undetermined length of time to control acne.  I am not an advocate of that much meds for anyone that young or to treat acne.  When I inquired with the teen if her doctor looked into her diet, stress level, skin care regime and other health issues.  Reply: "NO"! When I inquire with the teen about her diet: normal teen foods...sugars, dairy, high fatty foods. Stress: high, straight A student, in the junior Oregon symphony.  Skin care: what ever products mom picks up from grocery store.

Me: heavy sigh 🙁
I came up with tween (9-12) facial and my Clarity (acne) facial just to get the tweens and teens on a good skin care routine just before puberty and full blown acne breakouts.  And when it's beyond my esthetics experience I have in my resources: nutritionist, dietitians, naturopaths, acupuncturist that I can refer to.

Parents, please if your tweens, teens or anyone you know are having acne, do them a favor, and it's not too early for them to get a facial. Otherwise, option would be meds.

Consultation is always complimentary.

Thank you!
Debbie Fong Kho
SkinSense Spa, LLC

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