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Guest Blogger - Debbie Fong Kho


What is your training and experience?
While estheticians need basic training, some have additional certifications and have taken courses in areas of special interest to them. Experience matters when someone is working on your skin.

What skin care products do you use or recommend and why?
The person working on your skin may choose a one or multiple lines of skin care products based on your skin type. What you’re looking for here is that they’ve at least thought about the products they’re putting on your skin. The key here is: education.

What are your thoughts on exfoliation?
There are a multiple ways to remove the top layer of dead cells from your skin whether it’s manual or chemical. Find out what your esthetician views are: frequency and what methods they recommend.

Should I use peels? Why or why not?
The wide variety of chemicals and strengths of peels available make this an important question. Educating when is skin appropriate for peels is crucial. Peels when it’s not used correctly may damage skin.

What are your thoughts on masks?
There are masks to nourish skin, soothe, lighten and brighten, rehydrate or purify. Make sure your skin care therapist explains about masks and how often one should mask.

Can you tell me about sun protection and application?
This is a moment for your esthetician to be an educator.

What are your recommendations for my specific skin type?
We all have different skin types, what is important is your skin care therapist asks questions on your daily regime, lifestyle, budget, products you are currently using prior to making any recommendations. They should take all that into consideration and discuss options with you.

Do you have any recommendations for spring/summer/fall/winter skin care?
Your skin changes with the seasons. Your esthetician should have product recommendations for your skin type for maximal results during each season and adjust accordingly.

30 minute consultations are complementary!

Debbie Fong Kho
SkinSense Spa, LLC

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