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Chick FAQ’s

Do I have to own a business to be a Chick?
No, anyone can be a chick. There will be activities focused around professional aspects of life, but you don’t need to own your own business.

Can I visit other Chicks Connect Groups?
Yes, when you are traveling and you would like to visit another group to stay connected, you can contact the Chair Chick to let them know that you will be attending and you can go as a Guest Chick. The same confidentiality agreement will pertain to any Chicks Connect group you attend.

Can men join?
Sure. Men can also lead chapters of their own.

Does it cost to become an affiliate?
No, referring other chicks to the group can only benefit you monetarily when your referrals join the movement.

What if I don’t complete my activity?
Show up for the weekly meeting anyway. The women are there to support you in all that you are up to. If it becomes a pattern with you, ask for some coaching and support around the issue of not completing the activities. Maybe this behavior is showing up in other areas of your life and is what is keeping you stuck.

Can I belong to more than one group?
Yes, of course. You need to make sure that you have the time and energy to fully commit to your groups though. Please don’t over-do it. I do know of some of you that are in transition and Chicks Connect might be a good choice for your business until you find your passion. You can be a chick magnet and start groups all over if you desire. Remember... You can make a referral fee for just telling people about this amazing opportunity to show love and support. If you want to be a 10 minute featured Chick you will need to determine a Home Group that you attend consistently.

What if I miss an activity?
They will be available in the membership area of the website and in our Members Only Facebook Group. Along with all of the information necessary to start your own Chicks Connect Mastermind Chapter. You can also find recordings of the teleseminars and webinars.

Can I help with the planning of the Chicks Retreat?
Of course, your ideas and help are always welcome. Let’s see how we can make this retreat affordable and convenient for everyone.

What if I want to do a webinar for the Chicks?
Contact, and submit your idea and we will be in touch.

What if I want to provide a weekly activity for the group?
Contact, and submit your idea... We'll be in touch!

If I start the group, do I have to be the Chair Chick?
No, you can decide which chicks will take on which leadership roles once you have some members in your group.

Where do people meet?
Some hold their meetings in coffee shops at the beginning, but the best place is to find a Chick with a conference room or an office. Somewhere where you can be open, supportive and heartfelt with your Chapter.

What if I have questions that aren’t addressed here?
Contact us at, and we will try our best to answer your questions.

What if I need to cancel my membership or transfer because I am moving?
You can do that on the website by logging in and terminating your membership. Please let us know why or perhaps contact us if you are thinking of terminating and maybe we can work something out. If you are moving, you can see if there is a Chapter in the new area, enjoy the online benefits, and/or start one of your own.

Does it cost extra to start your own Chapter?

Why are you doing all of this at such a great value?
Because I have a love of helping others and I was racking my brain trying to figure out how I would share all that I have learned in life with the women that I know and have yet to meet. The “how” has presented itself in this format and thanks to all of the fantastic support from you,  all of this is possible! 🙂

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