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Julie's Blog

Spotlight Chick Sally Rudnick

Spotlight Chick: Sally Rudnick

Tell us about yourself so that we can get to know you better.

I grew up in a musical family, specifically barbershop. I truly thought EVERYONE woke up in the morning signing, harmonizing with choreography! Born… Continue reading

Spotlight Chick Sally Sabino

...a softer way of knowing and building lasting sister friendships in a business circle. Continue reading

Guest Blogger Jamie Lee Healing Souls

39571030 - woman with her dog tender scene

Healing Souls

By Jamie Lee

In a time of 24-hour news, tweets and private messages, we are constantly tuned in and yet our social networks are decreasing. We can send a text… Continue reading

Chicks Give Back The Ryan Batchelder Foundation - Little Hugs

On July 17, 2014, my sweet seven-year-old boy, Ryan was killed in a horrific boat accident while on a family vacation. It was impossible to get my head around how this could be happening and how I would go on.… Continue reading

Chicks Give Back Silverton Garden Chicks

Silverton Garden Chicks of Chicks Connect

Contact Pat Lewis, Charity Chick Alt. Contact Val Lemings, Chair ChickTelephone 503-877-8391 Email



Comfort for children in the midst of crisis… Continue reading

Guest Blogger Jamie Lee Healing the Compassionate Heart

Healing The Compassionate Heart

by: Jamie Lee, Animal Relationship Specialist

Do you suffer from physical exhaustion, insomnia, migraines, anxiety, anger or irritability? Do you work in a caring profession, helping other people or animals? Do you feel uninspired at your… Continue reading

Yoga Meditation Retreat - Michelle Young

Come reset, refresh, and revive at Michelle Young Live! October 13,14,15. This three day intensive packs it all in with a Life By Design Workshop wrapped in a self care package. Come design a life you love with Michelle Young,… Continue reading

Guest Blogger Jamie Lee Healing For The Compassionate Heart

Healing For The Compassionate Heart

By: Jamie Lee

There is a danger lurking in the world of animal rescue.  It’s called compassion fatigue and it’s ending the careers, and in some cases, lives of animal care professionals.

Compassion fatigued… Continue reading

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