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Terry Robertson

Terry Robertson

"There is nothing more powerful than the synergism of women gathered together for the purpose of mutual inspiration. Chicks Connect is exactly that: POWERFUL. Julie Muller - this is the best in the long line of your great ideas!"

~Terry Robertson, Certified Health Coach, Take Shape For Life

Linda Rutledge

Linda Rutledge

"I feel the women who have committed to being in Chicks Connect are truly dedicated to the personal and business growth of each other."

~Linda C. Rutledge, CRPC, CFP®

Edwina Wasson

Edwina Wasson

"Even though my connection with Chicks Connect has been brief, I can say some of the benefits I have experienced, so far, have been fun and the warm, open, sincere and heartfelt communication I have had with the other women."

~Edwina Wasson, Whole Body Health LLC

Lesa Stewart

Lesa Stewart

"I feel that the Mission of Chicks Connect speaks to me... To belong to a networking group that is more intimate, more involved in each others lives, and whom I am accountable to, seems like a blessing and a way to improve all aspects of my life. I look forward to getting to know some new people, helping them, referring them, supporting them in the areas they ask for help, and to having them hold me accountable for my goals and business progress. 2011 IS going to be THE BEST!"

~Lesa Stewart, SendOutCards

Elyse Williams

Elyse Williams

“A huge benefit I have gained from being involved with Chicks Connect is the development of an instant family and loving community of women who choose to be "torch bearers" for one another. We see the light and brilliant spark in each of our unique gifts, and shine that back to one another, both personally and professionally. I just moved to the Bend area from Washington DC, and felt completely lost and ungrounded in my professional and personal life. Joining this group instantly changed that feeling of "what am I doing here" or "I don't belong here", to feeling blown away by the amazing stamina and strength of the female entrepreneurial spirit in Bend, the noncompetitive environment, and the rich emotional and family life these women balance as well. Being a younger member of the group, I find a lot of my fears and concerns around business and starting a family have been completely calmed, and shifted to expansive possibility and joyful expectation of what it means to be a woman in this time, in this place, with all of our rich opportunity and choices. I LOVE Chicks Connect!!”

~Elyse Williams

Karolyn DuBois

Karolyn DuBois

"Julie, I’m so happy to have you in my life. You are the supreme example of a true chick magnet. People are drawn to you. Your energy is infectious and your generosity comes straight from your heart. I’m honored you consider me your friend."

~Karolyn DuBois, ABR Duke Warner Realty

Ali Davidson

Ali Davidson

"Chicks Connect is just what women have been waiting for! A way to create a sisterhood that will empower us to change our world. And Julie Muller is the chick to make it happen. Her big heart, enthusiasm for life, and desire to help women grow, is evident in every meeting!!"

~Ali Davidson, author of It's Between You and Me

Leslie Ann

Leslie Ann

“The women in Chicks Connect are agents of change, doing much more than simply supporting women in business with referrals and marketing ideas. Becoming a member requires one to look deeper within oneself to live a fuller, more vibrant life, while helping fellow chick members take the time for self-discovery and self-care on every level. Whether you’re a young mother with a home business, an on-the-go professional, or an empty nester reentering the job market, Chicks Connect is supportive of your business, relationships and life’s challenges. What could be better than that?”

~Leslie Ann, Lake Oswego Graphics

Holly Remer

Holly Remer

"Fun, fellowship, and fulfillment: three reasons why I enthusiastically joined Chicks Connect. Life is busy, with far too many demands and procrastinating can become a pattern in our daily lives. Having a group of supportive women ready to cheer me on for my accomplishments and hold me accountable to my goals and aspirations is an important next step in both my personal and professional development. Chicks Connect provides me with a safe place to express myself and grow as a woman and a sister."

~Holly Remer, Healthy Beginnings

Kim JonesKim Jones

“I am very excited to be a part of Chicks Connect! I love the idea of a mastermind group of women helping women. I see this as an opportunity to grow my business and to grow personally and spiritually as well.”

~Kim Jones, Artist

Cat O’ConnorCat O'Connor

“Bottom line , I believe it is all about relationships that one makes in life that make life so worth living and experiencing.  Your family, your friends, acquaintances, the who and what that is just around the corner ..,tonight, tomorrow , next week ...... Chicks Connect has offered me an opportunity to meet all these really amazing women ...I am so excited and blessed to be a part of this whole group and organization.”

~Cat O'Connor

Sharon LamvikSharon Lamvik

“Thanks so much for your Chicks vision! I love the structure and that it is also action oriented as well as fun and growth oriented. I know it will be very successful!”

~Sharon Lamvik, Independent Consultant, Thirty-One Gifts

Emmie OlivasEmmie Olivas

"Chicks Connect is a great place to network and connect with like-minded women. It is a place to get great information and education, and feel a real sense of community. Everything you need is all on the website, which makes it convenient. I have the opportunity to get to know amazing women, so keep up the good work!"

~Emmie Olivas, RD, LD

Mollie SheaMollie Shea

"Julie is a 'can do' spirit, full of love, enthusiasm, integrity and joy. Her energy and clarity inspire me to give fully the gifts I'm here to share with the world. Her support is heartfelt, wise, and practical; it allows me to step further and further into greater service, love, and fulfillment!"

~Mollie Shea, HHP/Owner, Blue Skies Healing Arts, Bend, OR

Leann Dunlap

"Chicks Connect is such a Powerful, Fun and Uplifting group to be a part of. This is a great group to be in and I would pick up cans off the side of a road just to pay and be a part of this wonderful group!"

~Leann Dunlap, Arbonne Consultant

Lynette Molina

“This morning, Jan 10, 2012, I prayed, meditated and sent out a desire to the Universe that I wanted to find a group. 6 hours later I came across Julie on Facebook! Truly a Divine Intervention! I am so excited to start an Arizona Chapter of Chicks Connect! When I read these words on her website, Inspiration, Accountability, Love, Fun and Support, I knew I was in the Right Place! I am so excited to be a part of the movement!”

~Lynette Molina, SendOutCards

WW-photo-only-(for-Chicks-site)Sarah Wheeler

"Chicks Connect changed my life.  I was going through a rough transition after my career had abruptly ended and I was completely lost.  The women in my Chick-Chapter helped walk me though to the other side by offering love, support, wisdom, lots of fun, lifting my spirits and showing me that I can do anything I want.  I was told all I needed was to be held accountable for making a decision, even if it's wrong, because I could always change later.  Today I am once again enjoying an exciting new career as well as the proud owner of my own design studio!  I am forever grateful to have these amazing women in my life."

~Sarah Wheeler, Designer for Closet Factory & Owner of Wheeler Works

One Response to Testimonials

  • I have to admit I've never been interested in women's networking groups! However after moving from New York City to Portland and having to re-create my life and my business, the awareness I received was to check out women's networking groups.
    Since there are no coincidences the first group that I was attracted to was chick connection!
    The rest is history! In a brief few months I have found a group of women that I totally enjoy being with, each and everyone with their unique gifts and capacities. Some I now call my "dear friends".
    And the best part about it is that we laugh and simply enjoy each other, while knowing that we have each other's back!

    Barbra Gilman Success Strategies for Life

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